Frequently Asked Questions

Crystals are solid materials with atoms arranged in repeating patterns, gaining unique energies over time.

Yes, we directly source our crystals from legitimate suppliers, ensuring ethical practices and the best results for you.

Absolutely, all our crystals are natural and genuine, providing authentic healing energies.

Crystals have high vibrations that interact with your body’s energy field, aligning chakras and clearing blockages.

Crystal healing is using crystals to balance energies, offering physical, emotional, and spiritual support.

Yes, programming crystals after cleansing enhances their energy alignment. Talk to our experts for more information.

It’s best to cleanse crystals before use and regularly, at least once a month, to maintain their energy.

Store them individually in pouches or wooden boxes to prevent damage and preserve their energies.

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Orders ship within 2-4 business days; delivery depends on your chosen shipping method.

We use Trusted Partners for international orders like FedEx, DHL, Bluedart, etc. to make sure your delivery is safe and quick.

Once you place your order, you’ll get an email confirming it along with delivery estimates.

We use multi-layered packaging to keep your items safe during transit.

Yes, our payment gateway is very secure. We prioritize customer privacy.

For Mumbai, it’s 2-3 working days; outside Mumbai, it’s 4-6 working days.